Thursday, March 7, 2013

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

Babies, babies everywhere!  It seems like everyone I know is having a baby, including me!  This is a little tip sheet I wrote for my sister in law before her son was born.  Reading through it reminded me of the things that are important with a new baby.  So here they are.  I hope you enjoy and please share your tips as well!

Tips for new Mommies

·         Be ready to "waste”.

o    You will waste diapers – before you can even get them on that little one will pee all over it.  Chuck it and move on. 

o   There will be jars of baby food that they may have eaten only 3 bites out of.  Chuck it after the 3 days and don’t think twice about it.

o    You need to “waste” time.  This is for your sanity.  Surf the Internet, read a magazine (a non-parenting magazine), and nap like it is your job.  Taking time for you, however you choose, is really not wasting time.  You will feel like it is, but it is caring for yourself.   This means it is caring for that sweet baby .

·         Take a bag of needed items with you everywhere you go – in the home. I kid you not, I carry a bag with me everywhere in the house full of things I need .  You will never have enough hands or arms when you need them.  A bag makes it easy to throw something in and take it to another room.

·         Take a camera everywhere. I put it in the bag!  This way I have a camera with me wherever we are because there will be moments you will want a picture of and no time to run for the camera.

·         Take water or some healthy beverage  everywhere – again put it in the bag.  You will not think to drink enough but you have to.

·         Eat – snack often.  You may think this is no problem but trust me you want to be prepared.  Buy healthy snacks you can grab and eat with one hand.  Have healthy frozen meals on hand.  There are going to be many nights you will not want to cook.

·         Be in touch with those who support you – you will find out fast who supports you 100% and who is going to judge you anytime they can. 

·         Go outside daily! You need fresh air and daylight on your face.  Too much time inside will suck the life out of you.

·         I have started ordering a lot of things online because shopping is soooo difficult with a baby. There are a lot of great sites out there. Amazon Mom gives you free shipping and great deals, especially when you have items shipped on a regular basis. That is my only commercial I promise.

·         Take care of the outside of you too.  You will wash your hands more times than you can count.  Long periods of standing and rocking will make your feet hurt.  You will kiss that baby so many times your lips will get chapped.  So take time for exercise and mini pampering, because as they say, “You are worth it!”

·         A word about breastfeeding and lactation.  It is a roller coaster.  Sometimes it feels like it will never end and sometimes it seems like you can’t get them to start.  There may be accidents and some pain, but the feeling of knowing you alone are the source of nourishment for your child is worth it all.  So you must have great nursing pads to prevent the leaks,  cream to help with the pain, and patience for the rest. 

·         Parenthood will test a marriage like you never thought possible.  It may not seem like it is possible but you will battle.  So learn to fight fair.  Communicate, communicate, communicate.  Never take each other for granted.  This little person came from you two loving each other, so remember to do little things for each other and date nights are mandatory!

·         In whatever way you can record the milestones and the mundane.  I could never seem to get that baby book started but I have posts on Facebook , and a box full of scratch paper with things jotted down.  Fill in the book later – live the moments now.

·         Above all else - Listen to you – no one, let me repeat – NO ONE knows your baby like you do.  Not friends, Dr.’s random people at the store,  your mom, your mother-in-law,  not even your husband.  If it feels right to you, it is.  Spending time second guessing yourself is time wasted.

·         Everyone will tell you and it bears repeating – soak in every second, every smile, every tear, everything you can because it truly goes faster than you can imagine and it is the most amazing journey you will ever have.
So if this is your first - good luck on your new journey!
If this is your second or more - make time of each of your children, your spouse, and yourself.
Today, choose love!

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