Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pinterest success and failures take 2

Well I have complied a list of my recent Pinterest adventures and what kind of results I had. Check them out below. I would love to get some input on Pinterest Pins you would like to see me attempt. So if you are already a member of my group "See Kristin Attempt This" please start pinning things you would like for me to try. If you are not and would like to let me know!

A little something for the kids: Small Town Driving Mats
I printed these two pages out and whipped out my laminator (man I love using that thing!) The kid loved having something new to drive his "Little People" car and "Hot Wheels" cars on. I have decided though, I think I need two more and some Velcro to attach them and then it will be magnificent!

S'mores Dip - yep you read that right!


This recipe is perfect!  My hubs and I ate half of the bowl of it in one sitting - probably not so good.

Homemade creamer!

This recipe is great.  But let me give you two tips.  You don't have to add the vanilla.  If you use syrups with your coffee for different flavors you won't want it and then it will be more versatile.  Second, save a decent plastic creamer container from the store and make it and store it in that.  We did the jar and it was difficult to pour without making a mess.  Plus then you reuse!  Definitely a keeper and cheaper than store bought!

Personalized Baked Oatmeal Cups - eh.

Well these had such promise but tasted pretty blah.  I even ramped up the sugar content but they were just so dense and flavorless to us.  In order to eat the 2 dozen that I made we topped them with Ready Whip and that helped.  I made them in butterscotch chip, chocolate chip, raisin, and blueberry.  Butterscotch was the best by far.  I don't think we will make these again, the 1 1/2 year old would not touch them and that was sort of the point - easy go to breakfasts.

Homemade deodorizers - not so easy.

So I made this up in no time and let them dry for the 24 hrs.  I did not have a silicone pan so I used a mini muffin pan as suggest.  Yeah, those suckers were not coming out whole.  When I tried to "pop" them out with a knife, they just started to crumble.  I was a tad upset as I am cheap and ended up throwing it all away - oh the wasted time, money, and resources!  I might give it another try if I get my hands on the right sort of pan.  I really wanted them for my son's cloth diaper pail that smell worse than death. 

DIY Dishwasher detergent - Maybe there is hope?

This worked...sort of.  Most of the dishes were clean but a few still had some gunk.  However, the inside of the dishwasher has never looked cleaner.  May have to give it another try with a shot of vinegar in the rinse spout.

Dr. Bonner's Sal Suds in the Dishwasher - Not so hot in ours!

This was very watery as you can imagine a solution of Sal Suds, water,  lemon juice, tea tree oil, and
white vinegar would be.  Most of the dishes were clean but not as clean as a commercial detergent would clean them.  I am starting to wonder if my dishwasher is more the problem.  But none the less this one did not work for me.

Okay so there is another round of Pinterest success and failures.  If you want to see another round give this post a like and follow/Pin to my board on Pinterest.
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