Tuesday, December 18, 2012


There are just those days. Days when you are pretty sure a gloomy rain cloud is following you around a la Eeyore. Ya gotta get outta that funk and fast!

One day when I was in a particularly dumpy day, I had an idea to write a list of things that make me feel better. I call them Brighteners. They just brighten your day. They can be whatever makes you smile, laugh, or feel better. Some people like a little retail therapy - some not so much - I'm a penny pincher so I will not be seen at the Coach store anytime soon. For others it is volunteering. Even just the thought of helping others less fortunate can make you feel better.

So what is on my list? Well these are some of the things I came up with. I am sure there are many more and some may not even make sense to anyone but me, but hey that's why it’s my list!!!

·      Making lists - yes I am that person - judge all you want - it soothes me!
·      Organizing - chucking stuff, putting stuff away - it clears my mind - ahh so Zen.
·      Pinterest - okay this is more an addiction but it's like dreaming with virtual Post-its.  Follow Me on Pinterest button
·      Crafts - creating something feels so good! All the better if it is recycled from stuff lying around!

Shameless plug for my company - Musing Tree Creations
·      Exercise - yeah I hate to exercise but I love to dance, take a walk, and play with my dog and kiddo - it all counts!
·      Dive into another obsession - Dave Matthews Band. So this might mean some light Internet stalking, listening to their music, watching their concerts, anything DMB works for me!!!
·      Pampering - okay I cannot afford the spa (see penny pincher note above) so I like to do mini home spa stuff. A foot scrub, a microdermabrasion at home - you can get those handheld dealies and a little of my fav. face scrub St. Ives Apricot Scrub - works wonders and so much cheaper than the real deal! In essence, whatever makes you feel fabulous and pampered. I like to think of the episode of The Middle when Frankie put the pad over her eyes like an eye mask, lit a candle, and relaxed in the car dealership bathroom!
·      Give! - give your money, time, stuff you want to pass on, a hug, a nice note, whatever makes your soul smile! This can be a whole other list in and of itself. - Ohhh perhaps a post for another day!

·       Dog time - Oh my sweet Gracie. Just cuddling with her on the couch makes me so much happier. She doesn't judge me - even when I am eating my 8th cookie of the day. She doesn't demand things of me other than a little food and love. Done and done my friend!  And since my son was born we don't always get the time we need. This has resulted in her trying to chew her toe off, and me making her wear the sock of shame but it is all in love! Time, just her and me - so precious! 
·      Cuddles with my sweet Coen - cuddles with a wiggly 1 1/2 year old are somewhat fleeting. You gotta soak them in when you can and if that doesn’t make me feel good - time to check my pulse!
·      Reading - if you have kids you know this is a luxury! At this point I am excited if I get through a page in a magazine. A chapter in a book would be bliss!
·      Nap - what more do I need to say people?
·      Sing - I love to crank up the music and sing at the top of my lungs like I am The Next Top American Voice Idol! Am I any good? Eh. I can sing but I am not winning any awards. I like to think I can sing Christmas music and Country songs pretty good but that might just be in my head. I have not yet been booed by my son or the dog so... yeah I am pretty good!
·      Date night with my husband! - yeah it doesn't happen often enough but even looking forward to it just does something to make me turn my mood around!

I could probably go on but that is more than enough! I hope you have been inspired to write your own list. Post it somewhere you will look at it often and put a little bit more of those things in your day! It could spread - hopefully like Nutella and not like a fungus! I encourage you to share your brighteners with me!!!!

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