Monday, December 17, 2012

First ramblings of this Nut!

     So here it is my first blog post. So much pressure to be so captivating right of the bat! Where to start? Well, how about the question my husband asked me? “Why do you want to right a blog anyway?” First, why not? Second, if nothing else this is a great way to have some records of recipes I love, crafts I have done, and so many stories I want to share. I don’t do the diary thing and I have not been so good with that whole baby book business. Plus since it is kinda therapeutic, it saves me money on therapy!
    Then I have to ask myself what do I have to offer? Well technically I have a Master's degree in Applied Gerontology (working with older adults), undergrad degree in Sociology with minors in Communications and Gerontology. I have worked with older adults for 14 years, as well as people with disabilities. I am also a mom to an amazing little boy named Coen who is 1 1/2 and a busy, busy guy! I have my first baby, Gracie, my almost 10 year (gulp - dogs should not age!) Italian Greyhound mix. She is a rescue and a rescuer - if you have ever rescued a dog, you know what I am talking about! If you haven't, well, we will talk later! I love to cook, craft, and; I know we all think we are funny, but...I can at least say I have funny stuff happen to me if I am not indeed funny!
    So here we are. First post almost complete, but first a few disclaimers. Though I do have a lot of experience in several areas, any advice I may give is simply based on my experience and is in no way the end all be all. I always encourage people to do their own research, check with experts, and go with your gut! I plan to share my own recipes, crafts, and tips but I do not pretend that they are all originals. Some might but who knows, as one of my favorite movies said (well at least sort of) "nothing is original; someone else probably already did it." - Garden State. Okay and I think finally, I welcome your comments, ideas, and tips but I ask that you be respectful of others. I do not pretend I am a squeaky clean, nothing but sweet words coming from my mouth but I do hope to keep this family friendly - it is after all a blog revolving around the family!
Alright, enough of that. Plus I hear a kid getting into something and have to get to him before he gets into my jewelry again.