Friday, May 23, 2014

Apps to motivate your buns off!

     As we are going into Memorial Day weekend I wanted to give everyone some positive reinforcement!
Here are some Apps and songs I like to keep me motivated to be healthy! Even better for this penny pincher, they are all free!!!! I am using all of these and I love them.  I hope they are helpful to you as well.  If you have a health or music related App you love please share with the class!

Health Apps
Running through sprinkler totally counts as exercise!

My Fitness Pal - You can enter all of the food and water you consume in a day, as well as exercise.  You put in your information and it tells you calorie wise how much to eat based on your info and goals.  Very easy to use as it has a database of foods that is extremely extensive!
My Fitness Pal app

Nexercise - This is one you log all of your physical activities - including playing with your kids or house cleaning!  Easy to use and you get points that go toward Mpoints.  If you have not used Mpoints you are missing out!  There are tons of apps that you can get points for using that you can redeem for gift cards, stuff, or to give to charity!  I love it so much I am practically addicted! I guess I better share a link to that too!
Nexercise app                   Mpoints

I like this reward related app better than some of the others I have tried.  It is a little limited on the rewards at this point but motivating none the less.  I am using it to donate to The Make-A-Wish Foundation!
Everymove app

This one is a great way to keep track of your health information!  I have to admit I have not spent too much time entering my info into this but it could come in really handy if you were in an accident or something and someone needed to get your info.  My hubs could really use it since he would never remember all my health info!  Remember that Spencer, if I am unable to give my info get on this app!
iTriage app

Music Apps
Just a little shot from my seat last year at a
Dave Matthews Band concert!!!!!!!

I love this app for a go to playlist for any occasion.  It has been a great way to play children's music since we don't have a lot that we own.  It has many different ways to find just the music you need to get through any mood or activity!  I really wish I could be using the playlist for Lying on a Beach right now (I could but since I am not lying on a beach it would depress me), then I could be listing to artist like Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, and Donavon Frenkenreiter!

This is my hubs go to app for music!  You can rock your face off to your favorite artist  or I can listen to a playlist based on my husband's profile! That might earn me bonus points (I think I have plenty of points racked up) but I think I would probably just go ahead and listen to Dave Matthews Band instead!!!!

Freegal music
Who doesn't wanna download and keep music!  You have to have a library card but then you can download 3 free songs from their catalog each week!
Freegal Music

Playlist - these are a few I think to keep my motor running right now!

Roar - Katy Perry
Born This Way - Lady Gaga
Video -India.Arie
Stand Up - Dave Matthews Band
Hey Mama - Black Eyed Peas

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