Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 what am I going to do with you?

So I do not do resolutions so much as I do not like setting myself up for failure (I prefer for failure to happen naturally as it was intended).  I more like to think of them as a list of To Do's or goals for my life and I really don't set timelines of, in the next year.  Okay so that was all along the lines of vague, so I am going to put myself out there and announce some of my goals or to do's for the year and how I plan to work on them - cuz lets face it, when you are working on a major goal it is an evolving and changing thing.  Okay enough preface lets get down to it!

  • Continue to "Green" my family's lifestyle - I recycle, donate what I can, I have even started using less chemicals but I know I can do more. 
    • My goal here is to phase out all chemical based cleaners in my life.  I have got a start using vinegar and baking soda to clean the toilet!  I know many people think without the smell of bleach it isn't clean but I am here to tell you it bubbles and scrubs great.  Don't worry I will share all of my progress and tips!  The key is to think a little bit ahead of when you will run out of cleaner.  For example, I am not a fan of the detergents for dishwashers so I have been researching alternatives.  This is my favorite and I plan to test it this week!

    •  Now let me be honest I want to do this as much for the environment and my family as I do for the ability to save money!  But sometimes I have to go with what is easy.  I have a serious love affair with Charlie's Soap for our laundry.  We cloth diaper (see I am saving money and the Earth) and this stuff is AMAZING.  I might have to do a longer feature on it in a Products I love post, but until then check them out!
                            Safe, non-toxic, biodegradable soap | Charlie's Soap
    • Buying more foods from local farmers and organics.  This maybe a little more expensive but in the long run I am making a difference in what my family eats and our health so it is totally worth it.  In order to make this happen I am now ordering from and boy is it worth it.  We get fresh produce delivered weekly and feel more incentive to use it. 
There is so much more I want to do but you don't want to be reading this forever so I will check back in on my "greening" soon!
  • Care for my body - We can all take better care of ourselves in many ways but this year I am focusing on being healthy.
    • Make an appointment for skin check.  It is that simple.  Something we take for granted is so important - take time to make the important appointments for your health.  Some Dr.'s will let you schedule up to a year in advance and with most health insurance carriers and the new health care act prevention or wellness checks are free!  So get with it all ready!
    • 30 minutes of movement at least 5 days a week.  Yes, I know that is vague but it is that simple too.  Maybe one day I go walk the mall with the kiddo and the next I vacuum and dust for 30 minutes.  It all counts. 
    • 7 hours of sleep each 24 hrs.  Okay I have an 18 month old so sleep is never a guarantee but it is important so I will nap more if I need to and go to bed earlier if I need to.  Sleep is so important to everything we do.  I know my patience is much shorter with my son when I don't get about 7 hours.  So sweet Tempurpedic bed, lets snuggle up more!
  • Cut myself some slack
    • No one is harder on me than me.  I will admit it here and I now I am not alone, I want so badly to be perfect at everything.  It is not about how others see me but how I see myself.  This caused me a huge amount of anxiety for the first year or so of my son's life.  I really felt that I had to be the perfect mom who made everything from scratch, worked really well part time from home, and had a successful jewelry making business.  Oh did I mention a spotless home, perfect body, and happy husband?  Would I ever expect even half of those things from a friend?  Absolutely not.  Why should I expect them from me?  It has only been in about the last month that I have started to change my perceptions and be proud of everything I accomplish. 
    • So how will I do this?  Yeah, how?  Well I really think only time will tell and everyday will be a chance to be kinder to myself.  So when I do mess up, it is just an opportunity to "hug" myself a little tighter, maybe do a little "Brightener", and try again.  At the end of the day it is about enjoying the simple moments more.

Okay I could go on and on but then no one really wants to hear all about me.  I encourage you to write down some goals and ways you can work on them.  We will revisit this in the future to check in on how I am doing and maybe how some of you brave souls who are willing to share are doing!  My biggest piece of advice on any goal is to break it down into smaller pieces and only take one piece of one goal at a time.  You cannot say I am going to lose weight and give up all sugar, cut 1200 calories, and run 15 miles in the first day and expect you can keep it all up.  Take small bites and you are less likely to choke - good advice for life!
Remember it is about doing better but mistakes and taking a different path than planned can end in results you never expected!
Happy journeys my friends!

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