Friday, January 18, 2013

Can a Mama Get a Minute?

There are things in life you have to be able to do no matter what.  Then there are just times you need a Mama Minute - which might just equal enough time to stuff a whole Twinkie (that you have stowed away just for you and only you) in your mouth fast enough so that the kids or significant other do not see it and want some!  Here are a few ways to buy yourself a few that yes indeed I have used them and I am not ashamed! Sanity is priceless!
Lunch/shower! I LOVE to get my kiddo in his highchair in our tiny bathroom and give him his lunch and jump in the shower and actually get a full shower.  We put on some music and I sing out in the shower and he enjoys his lunch.  There might be some mess to clean up but you know what that is why I chose washable paint and easy to clean flooring!  Today he was even content enough that I got to pluck my eyebrows! That hadn't happened in a week! I know what you are thinking, "How is that getting time to yourself?"  Well since this kid seems to have some sort of radar that detects when I am going to shower and that is the exact time when he wakes up from a nap - how does he do that - I have to find a way.  I tried waking up before he does and everytime he wakes up while I am in the shower!  I tried showering at night but dang it, I need a daytime shower to feel human! So thus the Lunch (or breakfast in come occasions)/shower was born!
Yes, that is a banana on the toilet!
Let's face it, when you have small children you never get to go to the bathroom on your own.  So in order to get through a bathroom break without too much of an issue I have a basket of his bath toys he can play with anytime.  In fact I have read that kid a book when my intestinal tract was not feeling so kind!  He thought it was great fun to read in the bathroom.  Bonus - your kid gets that much more comfortable with what happens in the bathroom.  My crazy 18 month old now loves to sit on his potty when Mommy goes potty.  Oh the bonding!
I have at least a couple of "toys" in every single room of my house.  This way no matter where I am I can distract him with something.  In the kitchen he has kitchen stuff.  He likes to cook while I cook.  He will stir in his pots or pour with his milk jug.  Toys don't always have to be real toys.  In my bedroom he loves to play with the latches on an old trunk.  He can be distracted for several minutes by an unattended open drawer of clothes.  Yes, I then have to refold and put them away but you know what sometimes I need to just sit down.  The good news is that as kid age they seem to think helping is fun too so you might just get help putting it back away.
That item they want to play with but you never let them, yet you know it won't hurt them - do it.  I let my kid have our house phone, remote, rearrange the spice rack, etc.  He loves it.  I am paying attention but he thinks he is getting away with murder.  The funny thing is that they are actually learning while they do it.  He now knows how to turn on the TV.  He knows which button on the phone makes the ringer go off.  He will line the spices up in various patterns.  So it is kinda a win-win.

 Busted but its cool!

Put a toy away - take a new or old hidden toy out.  I love this so much.  First, it keeps my house from looking like I hoard kid's stuff.  Second, he acts like it is the best toy ever for at least 10 minutes!  I have noticed when I put away a toy he has played with for quite awhile and then bring it back out, he will play with it in new ways.  They learn so much so fast that everything changes and evolves for them.  For example, my son had a tool bench that he would only do a few of the musical things when he had it from 6 month to 12 months but when I got it back out at 15 months he was able to use the hammer with it and actually "pound" the nails down.  How cool is that!  He played with that sucker for about 45 minutes and I was able to clean the kitchen in peace!
Okay, I do not only use tricks for my kid.  Oh sweet husband of mine please do not use these against me!
Let's just say it here and now - men take serious bathroom time too.  How many women read in the bathroom? Well I wanna read too! So on occasion I may have some "faux" stomach issues - this is how a read a magazine once in a while.  I realized that I could just stash a magazine in there and sit on the bathroom rug for a few.  Sweet peace - oh I could light a candle too - "don't go in there for a few!" HA!
I may or may not hide sweets around the house.  I might value chocolate more than diamonds so I gotta keep some safe for Mom when times get rough.  Super mom to mom tip - no one wants to look in boxes of feminine products.
I have set up the majority of my house so that I can let my kid be free range. Now does that mean that he won't make a mega mess that I have to clean up or maybe get hurt? Nope. It means I have some freedom and so does he. He is free to explore but he keeps an eye on me too. This does mean that I have had to put away some of my pretty things but those are just that - things. Not having to worry about stuff getting broken or child proofing every little thing has allow both of us to be a little more free.  Besides dance parties can break out anywhere and we don't want to be worried about breakables!
When you are parenting you have to be creative and flexible. TV can only and should only do so much!
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