Sunday, January 20, 2013

Easy DIY Highchair Cover

So you remember taking precious time picking out the perfect highchair?  And if you were like me after 6 months of breastfeeding you loved the idea of some meals not seated at the cafe de Mama!  This sweet picture below is the first bite of rice cereal my son ate.  Look at how sweet he is and how cute that chair is.  So what's the problem here?  That stupid set of chair covers and straps are not washing machine washable.  WHERE were my brain cells when I picked this out and why didn't they read that?  Oh yeah I was growing a human being and so my brain was way more needed in that area, so for at least 18 months I was as close to brain dead on many levels.  Some call it pregnancy brain, some call it mommy brain.  I personally call it unfair and just another blow you don't really know you have coming from the miracle of growing/raising a child!  But I digress, I will have to do another post about all the stuff I had no idea was going to happen to me cuz nobody had the balls to tell me (yeah you know who you are and I will pay you back for it).

Look at how pristine this chair is!

Anyway, after many attempts to keep this sucker clean without being able to put it in my magnificent washing machine (I have a serious crush on my washer and dryer - they are so special to me - we might need a moment here) I had to come up with another option and here it is. My T-shirt Highchair Cover! It is so awesome to me because I have about 5 of them so when one is gross off it goes and into the washer!  It is wonderful because it covers more than just the cloth areas but some of the hard to clean parts as well.  It is saving me time and money!  Two things this penny pincher loves!
Can you imagine the amount of cleaning it would have taken!
Here is one of my covers - not cute but does the job and keeps things much cleaner!
It may be dirty but better the cover than the chair!

So here is the how to.  First, I find that an extra large T-shirt works best for pretty much any chair.  You know you or your significant other (there has to be a better term - lets make one - your Siggy - yep I like it - you may use it - I am good at sharing!) have about 10 T-shirt you got in some event, sport, school, or buying disaster that needs a new use - here it is!

Put the T-shirt on the chair like shown below - no it will not fit without a few modifications.

Go to the back of the chair and find the middle of the bottom of the shirt.
Cut up the shirt like shown leaving about 6 inches from the collar. (That is my Gracie - she likes to hide from the kid and seems to think the highchair can save her!)

Now you can see how the shirt can cover most all of the fabric ( if you wanted to get fancy and really cover it you could cut some of the extra off the back or side to "patch" the head hole but it generally stays pretty clean - your call). 
Yes, this is the hubs college shirt from his freshman year in soccer and yes he was good, but more importantly he was a hottie!
Okay now where the straps are you will pinch the fabric. If you want to make this all symmetrical you could measure and all that jazz but come on it is going to be covered in all sorts of pureed mess so go easy on yourself!

Cut a hole large enough to get the strap through but not too large so that much food can get thru.

See so easy! Repeat for all straps, including if you have a 5 point harness.
Finished product! Now you can turn it inside out or whatever but why not enjoy those charity walk t-shirts a little more before you have to make them into rags.
This is what the kid was doing while I was finishing this. What you cannot see is the poor dog running away because said kid came at her outta nowhere with a headbutt. My kid loves to headbutt - so proud.

P.S.  That is a PVC free clear shower curtain that we use under the highchair to keep the floor clean.  It works like a dream!  We have 2 so when one is gross we throw it in the washer and put the other down.  Otherwise you can just spot clean it!  It is great for food messes as well as crafts!

Happy making parenting life easier crafting!
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